Forum Access Request

Please post here if you are an ONBOARDED member and cannot see the following forums:

  • Public (General, Apply to Join, and Technical Support)

  • Private (Operations, Training, Blackwell’s Crash Site, and File Browser)

  • ONE forum related to your divison (Commerce & Transportation, Mining & Salvage, Exploration & Survey, Private Contractor Services, Mission Support Services, Specialized Personnel, and Fleet Security.

If you are a new member, it will usually take 24-72 hours to get you access, possibly longer - our admins have to go in and do it manually. If it’s been longer than 72 hours since your onboarding, then post here.

Hi there I’m registered under exploration and survey i believe, but I do not have my org access on the forums. Thanks in advance for getting me set up.

Hey, on-boarded about a month ago for exploration and survey, but I don’t have access to that forum. Thanks!

Getting on Mumble tonight or tomorrow I’m guessing I’ll get more info on there but I’m wondering how to I get “On board” with the Private Contract division? Also I don’t see any forums listed for any division, only see “General”, “Apply”, and “Technical” forums.


Hi wCougaRw, you currently haven’t been onboarded as of yet so you wont see those forums, I sent you a PM detailing what needs to be done, but basically just follow each step on our JOIN ADI page and we will get it all sorted out.

Hey I need forum access please and thank you.

It can take 24-48 hours for forum permissions to get added after onboardings, hold tight we’ll get you taken care of shortly.

Not sure if this is the right place but this is MasterSgt


I Do Not see the other forums. I can’t see any private or division specific.


Hey Mechka! Welcome to ADI!

It looks like we just need to get you onboarded and your forum permissions will follow soon after.

Edit: I see that you’ve already posted in our Introductions forum and submitted an application. The only thing left is to hop on our mumble server so that we can complete your onboarding. Please check out this link for instructions on getting mumble set up: … tup-mumble

Look forward to having you officially on board!

Hi there! Recently onboarded member here and I cannot see private and division specific.

Thanks in advance

To whom it may concern,

I don’t have access to the other forums and I’m registered with Commerce & Transportation.

Thank you,


We’ll get you taken care of tonight/this weekend.

Please update my forums access. Thank you

I would like to request forum access. I completed the onboarding process and can’t see the private and specific options.

Hi there…

Boarded under commerce and transportation, been well over 72 hours and also received an automated email asking me to finish the onboard process.


disregard, have access now


I need to have access to Fleet Security and training.

Hello there,

I was just on-boarded yesterday evening.
I am looking to gain access to Fleet Sec and Private forums when you have a moment.