For the Emperor! Dakka Dakka Dakka!

By popular demand (of a grand total of 2 people) I made a thread to share my (rather mediocre) creations in the nightmare future where there is only war. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about: it’s a Warhammer 40.000 thread.

First, an overview of my glorious Imperial Fist space marines!

The devastators and terminators still need a wash and some drybrushing, as does Lysander. The tactical squad at the back obviously needs a little more than that.

Zoomy Zoomy

The dreadnought and the predator were both done before I decided on a uniform army scheme, so they’ll obviously need a new coat of paint too.

Now, for some war stories.
My first real battle (besides 1 test battle thing to learn the game) was a three way free-for-all against the adeptus mechanicus (+1 squad of Tau allies) and Ork pimps (yes, really. check out the hat)

I did some more painting after this battle, so the models here are not as complete as they are on the pictures above. I also had to proxy lysander with an orc (the SHAME!) because while I had bought him, I hadn’t gotten around to glueing him together yet.

Orkboy thought it was a good idea to split his forces and park 2 transports with ork boyz and his warboss in front of my army.

He was wrong. The vehicle on the left is destroyed and the ork boyz are dead, the one on the right is almost gone.

And this was the end result. Glorious victory! The stuff on the right is already dead. the only thing remaining on the mechanicus side are the Tau stealth suits, the Orks had been wiped out 2 turns earlier.
I didn’t really take any pictures of the mechanicus stuff (even though it looks really good) because the orks (and their own plasma guns) did most of the work for me there so i can’t claim too much credit. also, I kind of forgot at that point.

The next battle I played (last tuesday) was against the Necrons and I got pounded into the dirt so hard my own chapter master wouldn’t recognize me. It did teach me that A) getting into a shooting match with necrons is a bad idea and B) I need some quick melee options. I’m buying an assault squad or a vanguard veteran squad next week and equip them with lightning claws.

And finally, my store manager is kind of big on conversions, which are not always lore-compatible…

So, what do you think? Any armies or war stories you can share?

Glorious battles!
I have not participated in any fights yet as my army is still incomplete (only played using simulator, forgot the program name though). Here is a link to the album: They were taken quite a while ago (warriors were my first unit and lots of paint testing were made there, may C’tan have mercy on them) and right now I have a small squad consisting of 24 Warriors, 6 Scarabs, 2 Destroyers, 3 Canoptek Wraiths, Overlord, Cryptek. In production - 5 Immortals. Awaiting assembly - Tomb Spyder, Ghost Ark.

Necrons? noooooo!

Seriously though, nice models, very well painted :slight_smile:

The yellow armor of the imperial fists always makes me think of the Angry Marines, lol. Semper Iratus!!

Cool stuff.

I also tried to mod few models to break the monotony of never ending similar poses:
Warrior “Tis but a scratch” - tiny shavings from mold frame added as “wires”, the simplest one as it was the first modification I made

Destroyer - Eldar head was taken from spares from my brother’s army, spine made with greenstuff, spent lot of time modelling it and painting to make it spine’y enough; had to cut all fingers from the hand and glue them back since original model has more of a fist than open hand

Immortal [WIP] - it is a Immortal/Deathmark combined set so there were lots of arms and heads left over after going with Immortals so decided to plant a Deathmark head with shot marks on it on the base (kind of hard to see them though), they were made with hand drill and careful edge chipping to give it a feel of proper hit

Afterthought edit: I suck at taking photos of my models

Edit2: I also suck at editing my posts correctly

The craftworld sings to me! Eldar is the way to go :wink: (kidding)
And here are some eldar at work :slight_smile:

My phone has a crappy camera though!

I don’t have any stories right now, but one time battling with my eldar vs orcs, I threw 36 dices, 28 ones, 3 two, 4 three and 1 six. Best throw ever. 11/10 would never be able to do it again even if I wanted to

Btw. Why buy Necrons?
Just make them with the sprues thats left :wink:

Good lord… those look… horrendous. They do resemble Necrons though. I wouldn’t like to play with them as I find a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in assembly and painting. I like to look at the army on the shelf as well :slight_smile:

Those sprue necrons look very creepy! So… well done :stuck_out_tongue:

love the mods Icarium. For now I’m sticking to what comes out of the box, but the manager of my local GW store is pretty big on those transformations. He’s working on a mechanicus army that’s been corrupted by tyrranids right now, very cool stuff. I’ll see if I can’t snap some pictures next time.

aaahhh :slight_smile: the little boy in every man will never be quiet :slight_smile:

Nice stuff. love it.


50 thousand points of orks vs imperium. Good times

Bravo 16’s custom Riptide.

Great stuff guys!!! My turn.

I’ve been playing since 5th Edition in 2011 and started with the Raven Guard (I miss Shrike giving the ENTIRE ARMY Fleet). Haven’t been playing much lately due to work and school.

A few pics of my Raven Guard Space Marines. I do have a few more models, but they are either a) extra models with different gear b) unassembled/painted or c) broken badly and in need of repair. I believe that this is around 10 or 15k of Space Marines. I tend to run infantry heavy in either Battle Company style or all Assault Marines (thanks to Shadow Captain Korvydae from Forgeworld/Imperial Armor). Sometimes I’ll switch things up a bit and throw in a “Firecracker in a Land Raider” and fill up a Land Raider Crusader with dual Lightening Claw Terminators and the Terminator Chaplain, or run my CC Scouts (Sergeant with a Power Fist) as an early game close quarters anti-tank squad.

I also run Orks (Green Tide Style with aspirations of a Trukk Boyz army), Imperial Guard (Blob Guard with tank, artillery, and air support. I also run a Baneblade from time to time.), Eldar (Mechdar style), and Necrons (tons and tons of Warriors with Monolith support).

Wow, those make my army look puny! Of course I haven’t been seriously playing for more than 2 months, so we’ll see where it stands in 4 years :wink:

Wait until you see what raven guard are getting with the new starter box… a formation that lets you charge when you deepstrike.

Oh heck yeah. Can we say Drop Pod Assault followed up with Deep Striking Assault Marines (pending formation composition), maybe throw in a squad of Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators to turn the tide of a tough assault?

That one rule takes care of the biggest problem that I’ve had with running Assault Marines, and that’s getting them into close combat. Fleet helped with that in 5th Edition, but I still took a lot of casualties (not as many as in 6th and 7th though). Deep Striking them makes them priority #1 for the enemy during the turn they have to wait to assault and they die horribly before they can get to close combat. Running them across the table poses a similar problem, but instead of taking all of the enemy fire at once, they get whittled down over the course of the couple of turns it takes to get them across the table.

Hope im not necroing this thread, i just wanted to share something I have done :smiley: BEHOLD!!! TYPHUS!

Yeah, you totally necroed it. From yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool, almost zombified.

Wow. That’s a lot of work you put in!