Fobo New recruit

Hello friends, Fobo (in game name) ready to help with my cutlass black, Im from Dubai and Im 37 years old
see you in the verse !

Welcome to ADI Fobo :slight_smile:

Cutlass Black is a very nice ship. Happy to have you here.
We have a lot of active members so hop on Mumble and Discord and you will find people to talk and fly with.

See you in the Verse!

sorry guys problem of bureaucracy in your org !, couldn’t join

Greetings, I hope you find an ORG that will better suit your style and gameplay. Enjoy the Verse.

Welcome to ADI Fobo, glad to have you aboard! The Cutlass Black is an excellent ship in all aspects you will have a great time with that one! Hope to see you soon here in the 'verse.

Welcome to the team Fobo. I’m a Survey Scout from Mesachie. You’ll find that ADI is the best org to be in; lots to do, lots of instruction and people willing to drop what they’re doing to help you and include you with their group to advance your skills and build your confidence. The mass operations are so cool, the training standards are easy but informative and the people are first rate. I look forward to running ops with you.

Weclome Fobo to ADI, glad to have you with us and i see you in the verse =D

Hallo and welcome.