Flight Night Workshop

ADI pilots wanting to test flight control equipment, need XML file help, game settings, graphic
issues are encouraged to join us on Tues and Thurs at 6 pm Central.
This is an informal event meant to be fun and informative, there will be “Formation Flight”
“Capture the Core” “Vanduul Swarm” “Squadron Battle” “Multi-Crew”(when it drops) “Racing” “Takeoff
and Landing practice”.
The event will last approx. 2 hrs. Pilots of all skill levels and equipment ranges are welcome
to attend.
Details of the event itinerary will be decided at the time of the event and depending on the
number and needs of interested pilots.
Hope to see you there…and around the verse!

Looking forward to attending on Tuesday. Thanks for putting this together.

great looking forward to listening in

This should be fun! I’ll try to catch the next one.