Flankers And Typhoons Battle In British Skies

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That was very interesting exercise but what is funny about it is the interview that IAF gave to Indian TV claiming 12-0 in WVR engagements and 2-0 in Flanker vs 2 Typhoons also WVR, so basically the dogfights.

Previously Brits keep rather silent about outcome of those operations but it seems like interview provoked them to say few more words:

"Responding to the Indian claims, the RAF source, they were clearly designed for the “domestic audience”. He told The Independent: “There must have been some clouded recollection on the flights back to India, as the headlines of the Indian press bear no relation to the results of the tactical scenarios completed on the exercise in any shape or form.”

The RAF source also stressed that the Typhoons had effectively been fighting “with one arm behind their backs” as they did not make full use of their more advanced weapons systems.

“We have to view these scores through the haze of pilot bravado, national pride and also some political correctness. Nonetheless, the Su-30MKI is one of the aircraft that the Typhoon was designed to tackle and defeat, and no doubt in the right hands would present a potent challenge. Today [though] the aim would be to engage aircraft like the Su-30MKI from long-range before the two could come together in a dogfight.”

“Our analysis does not match what has been reported, RAF pilots and the Typhoon performed well throughout the exercise with and against the Indian Air Force. Both [forces] learnt a great deal from the exercise and the RAF look forward to the next opportunity to train alongside the IAF.”

I always loved those exercises when the Russian designs meet the Western ones, it’s all fun and games… One thing is worth mentioning thou, the unit cost for Su-30 is $47m when Typhoon is $125m. This ration is not exactly same like with T-34 and its counterparts but you get the idea.