So I’ve been a member I guess for a while now but haven’t gotten involved yet. Hope to change that and get involved any way I can

Hey Firetech,

Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI! Nice getting to know to you earlier.

Welcome to ADI again kind of sort of. Yeah men if you want to get involved jump in mumble there’s always people down to fly or answer any questions.

Welcome back, Firetech! You are coming back at a good time. There is plenty to get involved in these days. We have been running missions on weekends which switch up every month. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Hi firetech,

Welcome back to ADI. With 3.0 and the quarterly updates there should be a lot more to the game coming this year. Its a great time to jump back in, Hope to see you in mumble soon.

Welcome Firetech! What aspects of game play are you most interested in? What profession(s) do you intend to pursue? If you have any questions about SC or ADI don’t hesitate to let us know; we’re all here to help!