On ebay I found this flightctrl’s:


Price: USD 86,00

Is it even worth testing?

This looks like a re-branded version of a HOTAS made by a Russian company called gametrix. Don’t buy them, i.e., in this price range you should go for a X52 Pro (The Pro is important, as it indicates the better version of the X52 with better sensors). I also saw X65F actioned of 2 days ago for around $150 if you want to invest even more.

Thanks for the input!

I have decided to go for this:
https://www.komplett.no/saitek-x52-pro-digital-joystick/332252#!tab:reviews Its USD 259,00 here.

DONT! I can send you a mint one for a fraction of that or buy a new one on amazon.de for EUR 160.


Well, thanks for the help but 160 Euro is more expencive 160 * 8,8 = 1408 Nkr + freight
USD 259 * 5,4 = 1398 Nkr or the actual price is 1399 Nkr
And, I get it after 3 days.

Thanks anyways!

Huh 259 USD are 187 EUR, so how is this cheaper?