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Hey everyone! Just looking for a fun org to join in on. Want to have fun and learn everything the patches have to offer. Joined SC at the end of 2014 when AC came into play. Not the greatest at combat myself but love the industry side of things. Mining, exploring, shipping. Always wanted to be in an org that does fun events together. Don’t have many friends that are willing to play with the current state it is in but I have a blast. Nothing better than gambling a big haul. Server crashes or otherwise. Hope to be able to join, meet a lot of people and have a blast. Thanks.

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Welcome, agian. You joined up with a great Org for grabbing a group of guys to run missions. We can get into all types of trouble hauling, mining, running bounties, you name it. See in mumble/game

Welcome, thanks for joining. There are divisions for all your interests and you are not limited to any specific. Carrack is coming in Feb. Mole is coming in a couple weeks check that out on the youtube. Shipping, is well pick your flavor. If you want to check out a ship, jump in mumble and ask around. o7

Welcome to the ADI family @FakeBillz. You won’t find a a better more diverse group of folks anywhere in the Verse. We are big on the Org ops aspect of things and really chomping at the bit for them to resolve group quantum. As for the various trade divisions you will find a great number of folks here who in on the same page as you. See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Billz. There’s lots of fun to be had in game these days. I look forward to seeing you there.

Hi FakeBillz, welcome to ADI. I’m also one of those indy focused players, so I’m sure we’ll see each other around The Verse, working out trade routes and such. Really looking forward to 3.8 and the cargo capacity of the Carrick to get more out of those trade runs.

Hello Fakebillz. Welcome in the team and have a fine time in our orga :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Billz,

Not to worry on the combat side of things! We’ve got the valiant, and sometimes snarky, members of Fleet Security to lend us a hand in that regard while the industrious and exploration driven members go on about their stuff. Look forward to flyin with you! Welcome to ADI.

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