I guys ! I’m FadeMonkey, but you can call me Fade. I’m new here and I’m very interested of joining you so I hope you will accept me and that we’ll have fun !

Welcome to ADI Fade! What are you into in the game?

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i enjoy my time onboarding with you, i cant wait till i see you in the verse =D

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Thx guys ! Yep I definitely will see you in the verse later because it was very fun to talk with you ! I think I gave you the wrong email, use this one instead : [email protected] :slight_smile: And to answer the first question, I don’t really know yet what I’m into :confused: today was my second day of playing and I’m still discovering things so I hope you will help me find out :smiley:

Always good to have another out in the 'verse, welcome to Atlas Fade :slight_smile:

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Greetings Fade,

You’ve picked a great time to join, many of us are still learning the game. I’m glad you’ve chosen to join us explore the future of Star Citizen. I hope to see you around soon!

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Welcome Fade - what ships do you have that’s usually a good indicator of what you think you’ll enjoy doing. Then SC will impress you so much you buy more… and then there’s the concept sales… it’s a rabbit hole alright!

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For now I have 2 ships : the Mustang Alpha and the Aurora so I don’t really know what I like the most in the game so far

Welcome Fade! Look for me in the verse!

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Welcome to the org FadeMonkey, if you want to try different ships be sure to ask around, people will definitly try to accomodate you! Hope to see you around

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Welcome to the org, Fade. ADI is a great place to learn and have fun along the way. See you online!

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Welcome FadeMonkey, glad to have you onboard here at ADI! Make you sure you hop on to mumble and join us in the Public Gaming. We typically always have something going on, See you soon in the 'verse!


Hi FadeMonkey,

Welcome to ADI. If you want to try out any ships let me know, I’m usually in game on weekends. Hope to see you in the verse.

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Welcome to ADI FadeMonkey :slight_smile:

Hope you find yourself at home in here.
We have a lot of active people on Mumble and Discord so hop on and say hey to find people to fly with.

See you in the Verse.

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Welcome Fade, you’ll like it here at ADI. After you’ve kicked the tires and taken a job, check out the certifications. I’m a survey scout and thus available for whatever’s going on in the verse. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Well My first job choice is fleet security so I guess if I get it we’ll run ops toghether won’t we ? :grin:

Fleet Sec is a great division, a lot of hard workers and eagled eyed people there.

Welcome to the org, Fade! Security’s an essential part of any operation, so it’s great to have you on board.

Welcome to the Org Fade. Don’t worry about being accepted the fact that your posting and intro here is the first step to becoming a member. Its good to have you on board.

Welcome to ADI, Fade! glad to have another member of Fleet Sec :smiley: