Facetrack IR curves, deadzone and reset

Hi all, can people post some pictures of their facetrack IR curves? I’ve had a very quick mess about and need to make some adjustments to my own but I’d like to see what others use. I understand that everyone will have their own preferences and they’ll be unique to their own setup i.e sitting posture, monitor size…
But it’ll help me for ideas of what to try.

Also, how often do you reset position? I’ve found myself doing it pretty much every time I look ahead. It’s not at all an issue as it’s quickly become intuitive but I’m wondering if I’m overdoing it? If I am then I need to unteach myself the habit. If I can then it makes a really good mouse key free once again.

Thanks in advance for replies.

Facetrack? That I don’t have. TrackIR is what I use. The curve though should still be good. Mine is a small flat area so minor head movements won’t show. My setting are such that I rarely need to re-center.

Keep in mind, SC limits us to 90 degrees up/down, left/right.

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Thanks jolly, it’s actually face track noir - I didn’t realise until after posting.
Thanks for this. The 90 limit is exactly what I didn’t consider. I’ll have a fiddle tonight. I’ll try flatter curves too. They’re quite Steen atm

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