eZSloth Intro

Hi, Joined via email and I just started the other day, I play a huge variety of games but I typically like to main a specific game, recently quit WoW and discovered Star Citizen. I’ve seen a lot of people mention this is ran militaristically? I’m navy and thick skinned so hopefully that’ll fit in well. I’m in Mumble but it doesn’t seem like I have any permissions. hmu cause I’m prolly lost somewhere in space when your reading this lol


Welcome to ADI eZSloth, See you in the Verse.

Welcome to ADI! What’s your favourite ship to fly so far?

sadly I’ve only had an opportunity to fly the starter ship but im looking forward to flying em especially the Razor stealth it just really speaks to me.

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI eZSloth. Former WoW addict myself - SC is certainly more involved and this Org is well organized - you’ll find some military similarities in that respect and number of active duty and veterans. No question you’ve found the right Org, :wink:

I truly miss it i left for deployment during Shadowlands in a couple very well developed guilds and came back to find out they had all disbanded due to disagreeing with the course of WoWs development strategy, it was truly heartbreaking but the world continues and evolves even underway.

Welcome to ADI! Hope to meet you in Mumble soon!

Yes, sign on Mumble and join the chatting group. Most evenings there are a number of players on and pickup groups form from that. Even as a noob I’ve run missions with these groups, good to get introduced to the multiplayer aspects of SC.

another WoW’er. played hardcore religiously
. Was actually removed from my guild cause of my deployments… haha
but we’ll be friends till the Army Navy Game. Then we’re sworn enemies

as it should be lol

Totally, stepped away from WoW a few times only to come to back the guilds disappearing - happened each time. In comparison, I’ve stepped away from SC a few times, barely scratched the surface of the game and each time I’ve come back ADI has been active. Well, more than just active, grown in both numbers, org events, and overall operational planning. You’ll have no regrets here at ADI, and I’m willing to bet if life takes you away from SC, ADI will still be here when you come back to it.