Exploration Mega Pack

Well, I officially melted everything but my super hornet and picked up the Exploration Mega Pack (still had to drop an additional $120 but it seemed worth it for everything you get)

Did anyone else take the plunge and pick it up as well?

Maybe. But fortunately I didn’t have to add any more money. I’ve given CIG way too much money already and regret it.

Which is why I’m waiting for in-game purchases.

Im tempted to purchase the 2nd package as im not sure the more expensive one is worth it…

I went in for the Exploration Mega Pack. I have a bit of buyer’s remorse but I’m hoping it passes quickly.

I’m lying to myself saying I’m helping CIG “design” a good game. Problem is I’m really having trouble conviencing myself and would be happier having not “getting sucked in” last year and spending the $1500 I have so far. Even if we get a good game out of this, IMO ICIG has done a piss poor job in managing the money they’ve raised to date … thus I’ve wasted money any way I look at it. :frowning:

Your the smart one here CrueOndanet.

Agreed. I don’t mind spending the money provided I get a quality game out of it.

I am thinking about doing a melt and re purchace of ships after getting the pack but need to do the math still…

I did that exact thing last night. Have my fleet in a happier place now. Less exploration and more hauler focused!


They have removed the packages and the standalone Terrapin from the Sales! :frowning:

Sad times, sad times…! i was going to buy one this week too (cries)

a few words,
Citizen con Sale
Anniversary sale both of which should have different packages available similar to the exploration pack that just happened.

When will this be?

Should happen next weekend. Stay Tuned!!

Does anyone know when the next sale is? :slight_smile:

Should be the Anniversary Sale.

Last year it kicked off on November 19th - so expect to see more news on it in the coming days.