Experiments around microtech

So…exploring microtech with a friend. we were heading in a random direction around 50k altitude (crazy thick atmo) and I got sucked out of the turret of the Cutlass we were in…my character goes into freefall. So as I’m slowly falling I ask him to see if he can catch me…

He opens both bay doors and for some reason as he got close (within 1000 meters I vanish from his hud) I have to visually guide him to me.

Long story short, I actually guided him to me and managed to land on top of his cutlass in freefall. However the impact, though relatively slow, killed me.

I recommend trying this if you’re bored with a friend. It was a blast! :rofl:

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it would have worked if you landed inside because you landed on the outside the game with a registered you as hitting him repeatedly as he was flying lol

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That what we were going for, but without him being able to visually see a beacon, and just visually guide in, by the time I’d say rotate the ship it was too late. I was surprised I even managed to guide him in to land on it :joy:

Good try Khayel, that’s worth a cookie :cookie: