Error Connection 0

Well after patch v1.1.5 and it’s hot fix v1.1.5A when i enter Arena Commander playing Battle Royal the most times i will be kicked to hargar and have an error connection 0.I was wandering if anyone else have the same issue or knows a way to solve it.Also,my ping is always more or less at 200 and don’t know if this is the problem resulting to this error.

Your post would probably be more suitable in the ‘Technical Support’ section, and not here.

For your problem, does restarting SC altogether work at all? And does it only happen when you’re playing Battle Royale?

For your ping, it’ll be helpful if you close any other applications (especially Skype, Curse Voice or anything similar if not in use) and stop any background downloads such as Steam. It seems unlikely that the connection error can be related to your high latency though.

-Oh you’re right wrong place posted…maybe somehow should be moved there if this can be done now.
-About the ping,yes i close any other program before starting Arena Commander BR,maybe its because i am far from server (Greece),also just before the error occur,i see everything moving slower till screen freeze or if i’m lucky that momment,will not freeze.
It happens also in Vandul Swarm,checked it today.I think hot fix v1.1.5A isn’t yet applied? i should wait and see.

My hardware is:

cpu: i5 3550 3.4ghz
ram: 16gb
gpu: ASUS R9 280X DirectCU II TOP OC 3 GB
os: Win 7 64bit sp 1 ,C++ latest,all drivers checked latest
ssd: 500gb Samsung
Cooler: noctua nh-d14 + a big fan i place behind Tower (C 25~60)
router: ADSL TP-Link Archer D7
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H

The hotfix was applied at 8.30PM, 27th of July, for Greece time. So I believed you’ve already applied it.

As for ping, I have some sort of the same problem here in Malaysia, as I’m quite far from the host server apparently. (Plus my horrible internet speed :cry: )

As for ‘Error Code 0’, I believe we can only wait until CIG patches it again. As you may have already seen in the bug reports, some people too have that problem. Your system specs are outstanding, so you can cross out ‘Insufficient RAM or Graphic Processing Capabilities’ from your list of potential causes.

Until then, I’ll recommend you fill up your time with something else while waiting for AC to be fixed and of course, Star Marine to be released. (Hopefully without bugs)


Thank you Artic Storm for the info.However i have tried once more to find a solution and i saw that setting game graphics to low gave me a much smoother play!! I have played for 2-3 hrs AC Battle royal,the errors where few.Only when ejecting there was 100% chance to get kicked.So,if you have the same problem and haven’t tried yet to set graphics to low,would suggest doing it!! Please ,write me how it worked then…

It has been on low from the start, as anything above that would render the game unplayable. I’m glad to be of help to my fellow friends.

Ok,then try one more thing please.I noticed also that from the time i put that big fun behind tower,and the settings to low,everything gone well.
Also,when you want to play AC,you must have Pc turned off and cold,you open it and close most applications you can ,don’t get into internet ,just start SC.Last thing,try to keep cold also your router,place it in Fun’s direction or buy one smaller for it.If anything good happen now,inform me!

Currently I am No 16 in Arena Battle Squadron!!
If i didn’t have such problems from start would have a better position,but better late than never…

looks like most of problems if not all are fixed with the latest patch v1.1.5a