Enhance your Aim Mouse&Keyboard users

Would like to share a good tip about how to have better aim results in Arena Commander for mouse and keyboard users.
This is a way to turn all weapons that are fixed on your Spaceship to gimbal mount and eventually with one mouse button press,to shoot all your weapons at the direction you want.
(this works well on Gladius and Avenger)
1st thing to do, is to go to RSI site onto Store --> Electronic Access -->Weapons and buy 2x FLASHFIRE VARIPUCK S2 GIMBAL MOUNT
2nd just buy 2x 9-SERIES LONGSWORD or if you are happy with CF-007 BULLDOG REPEATER you can use them.
(in order to buy from Electronic Access you need to have REC where you can earn them by playing a bit of Battle Royal)
3rd Start your game and go to Spaceship configuration panel ,empty weapon from left and right wing of Gladius or Avenger and place the 2 Gimbal mounts one to each wing.Then place your preferred weapon not on the gimbal cause it will remove it, but on the bubble slot which has already the gimbal mount in it.If you use the 9-SERIES LONGSWORD don’t forget to fill them with ammo.
4th practice a bit in Vandull Swarm so as to see if it works otherwise repeat step 3.
5th Also,if you want ,you can change your missiles type from the standard to Tempest II which work much more reliable.
(buy them with REC)

That’s all hope will help some people…if anyone want to add or mention anything ,would be glad to see it!!

Want to see top 100 Battle Royal leader board become full of ADI members!!!

p.s please don’t shoot your partners :smiley:


Please follow the correct process in providing tips/feedback.

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