Endgame has been promoted to Operations Officer

Endgame is now 3rd in command of ADI! Congratulations, Curtis and thank you for your perseverance and hard work.

To top it off, Philux has also been promoted to Assistant Commander of the Air Group which is preceding his promotion to Commander of the Air Group. Harry is stepping down as CAG. We’re sorry to see him step down, but are happy for him perusing his dream to become a pilot.

Congrats Endgame!

Congrats Endgame, I still love u even though u aint my APR director anymore!

Thx guys, Congrats to philux, and fly safe Harry!

congrats … and I was in adi to witness it all

Congrats endgame

Nice work homie!




Well done Endgame. I know I just joined, but I also know you’ve done a lot of work so far to help the org - looking forward to working with you more in the future.

Congrats Endgame! Thanks for your old position. I kept your chair cuz it smells like you. I miss your musk.

Congrats, Endgame!