Ejection handles on sim pit - thoughts?

So I was looking at getting ebay.com/itm/F105-Aircraft-E … 2a4d5b3d24 these handles. Making them springloaded so they require a decent amount of force to be pushed down.

Then taking one of shop.makeymakey.com/products/mak … =219582674 and securing leads below the handles.

So the idea is that you pull the handles it hits the leads then the makey-makey sends the ejection key press to the computer a viola you have a real life ejection mechanism (ok kinda real life) that ejects your pc from your ships cockpit.

Now I’ve never built a sim pit before, but I’m building one that’s going to be fully decked out, and enclosed to get a suepr amount of realism. So my question to all you fantastic people is what am I not thinking about with this design of the ejection handles?

My first concern would be ejection handle location vs throttle and stick location, is it going to be difficult to get in there to pull the things, because of the throttle and stick? This would obviously negatively effect my gameplay.

Makey-Makey isn’t really what you want to use. There are other button modules that a far cheaper. Besides, Makey makey is more designed to turn bananas and other objects into “keys”. You just need a USB key/button module. Let me try to find one and I’ll post it.

I’ve used a push button and a toggle switch, both with protective flip covers for ejection actuators. Not as all out as handles, but still adds some realism and is cheaper and easier to implement.

Like this

Or the “Undock” button with a switch guard.

Ahh I had no idea that had switches wired into USB input. I start looking around for a button to go underneath the handles. Thanks.

Check out this:

[url]BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller [BU0836A] - 27.50GBP : Leo Bodnar, Inspirational Electronics

Leo has gobs of other stuff there too for making SimPits and such.