Dual thrust ctrl's in SC

We all know that making the tightest turn in dogfighting are imperative.
I have a feeling that SC will support dual thrust ctrl’s, this will influence the hotas.

Can you do a tighter turn with dual thruster ctrl’s on your hotas?

In theory yes… if… the ship in question has dual engines… and it would go even faster if you could also reverse thrust on one of the engines.

But, we have no idea if they will allow dual thrust control… none of the ships expected in V1 of the DFM have dual engines, so we’ll have to wait and see for awhile.

Wouldn’t the G-forces get extremely high tho in a turn like that? Like, let’s have a pilot pancake g-force.

Would depend on how fast you’re moving when you do it.

Well, you are likely moving kinda fast if you do it in a dogfight.

Not really… depends on who you’re fighting and at what speed… There are times when you slow in a dogfight, and the ability to turn quicker would not over stress you.

This doesn’t happen in atmospheric flight very often, but would happen in space flight more often.