dual t.16000m joysticks xml

anyone have a xml for daul t.16000m with decoupled flying included?

We will not be officially supporting a dual joystick configuration, and it will likely increase the difficulty of completing CFP1 because it is hard to control your speed relative to the other ships in your flight.

If you have questions or are looking for recommendations please contact a staff member.

This was a dagger to me when I heard about the dual joystick issues with control in flight. I have a dual t-16000 m setup and love it. The downsides are it does wear on your fore arms over long use and speed control in formation is difficult. I probably won’t certify in combat and defense escorts due to this, and stick with the exploration/survey/mining divisions.

I do have mine fully configured and can send you the XML if like. PM me if interested.

hello awhile ago you said you had dual t16000 working and was wondering if you still had them functioning?