DrDerpling's derpy thoughts

Just realized what Constellation means (again).so which Constellation would it be and Just wondering if i should call my connie Pisces now…

So if the are designed to do a specific role then the Constellation is really good in multi functioning which means its a female ship !.
OMG thats why it has the merlin in it! everything is so clear now !

apparently the Cutlass mean heart chaser in my language so its a hooker transport ship ! unfortunately doing illegal stuff in adi is illegal that means i cant become a pimp :frowning:

caterpillar vartiant the butterfly with 4 extra wings with guns mounted on them !(oke this one is really bad :neutral_face: )

If it’s a female ship you can expect it to leak hydraulic fluid for 5 days out of every month but somehow not die. Suddenly start crying for no reason, Ships computer will tell you “I’m Fine” after a big battle even though you’re all about to crash and die, will be mad when you forget the first year anniversary of piloting her.

also you need to push the merrlin out from time to time come on honey push !!!

So if pirates are bad how can you be a good pirate ?

Actually it’s Duct Tape because it’s most commonly used for and made a great adhesive for HVAC ventilation or “ducts” nowadays after WWII . It was originally called “Duck Tape” by US Army soldiers because at first it came in a green color and was perfect for shedding water like a Duck’s plumage until it was later adapted.

Why are you talking about duct tape? I don’t get it. That’s kinda cool though.

By that logic the Hal 9000 must be one butch women :smiling_imp:.

if i say that all racers are stupid would i be a racist ?

Rant: wow i don’t even need to think of derpy thoughts just went to the forums of rsi first thing i come across a post about that some ships need to be nerfed. cant believe there are more derpy people then me.

Post: forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … rfs#latest

Should we be afraid of universal warming in star citizen ? because of all the space ships flying around

An Aging Brain Is Still Pretty Smart: New research says older people are slow on memory tests because they have more mental data to search for the answer.

so i need to overclock when i’m older

Source: [url]http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/01/140128-aging-brain-memory-cognitive-decline-neurology/[/url]

So they how came they have dry ice but not water ?

Dry Ice: Carbon dioxide in solid state (CO_2)

Still why no dry water ?

Definition of wet:

Supposedly, if you cool water enough, you’d have dry water.

so flies fly but bees dont bee isnt that weird ?

Do birds burd then?