Drakedge2000 - Stealth Is Spelled Drake

Dear ADI,

What is the Drake? This is a question that often gets thrown around the internet. Is the Drake some sort of wizard of online gaming entertainment through his live streams and youtube videos? This is quite possible, though unfortunately not the truth. The Drake is simply a 36 year old military vet. with a passion for online gaming. I flew for the Eagle Squadrons in world war 2 online for several years, and if you are not familiar with that game it is a WWII simulator set in europe at half the scale with no load zones.

Although climbing to the top of the fighter pilot charts there was a great deal of fun, skill, and heart ache, it’s no longer a primary interest of mine to fill a fighter role. I will gladly do it if the need arises, as I am an eclectic gamer, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Instead I have outfitted myself with an Eclipse stealth bomber with the idea of being an unknown capital ship escort laying in wait to jump unsuspecting enemies with flanking manuevers, and get out of dodge before they know what hit them.

I also am quite fond of Capital ships. Be they Battleships, or Carriers as my primary interest though who knows when or where those will become available to the player base. I am also huge on salvage, medical, exploration, and transportation. That’s the problem with being eclectic, you’re all over the place with your likes in equal strength.

About me a bit more, I served in the United States Navy for 8 years, as a Firecontrolman, specifically combat information center coordination. I was also a part of JTF515 and participated in many campaigns overseas, averaging 320 days at sea a year. Which was quite brutal. Now I am medically retired, as a result of action seen, and spend my time streaming, making youtube videos, and having fun.

I will happily answer any questions I can,


Hello Drake,

Thank you for your any year of service! Welcome to ADI. You’ll find we have many military members here. Thank you for taking the time to share a bit about yourself. Be sure to check out the calendar for recent events, and be sure to hop on mumble to get to know some great people. See you around soon hopefully

Hi Drake - Great to have you here! My sister is active duty in the navy (O-3) and I hear active duty can be a bear. Glad you’re home and can’t wait to fly with you.

Great introduction - hope to meet you soon and fly with you soon.

Hi Drake,

welcome to the team. So, with this name, what is your favorite ship manufacture in Star Citizen? Drake? :laughing: :laughing:

The Eclipse is a nice ship for this kind of special missions, but lets look, what the near future brings us with 3.0 hopefully in september or october or sometimes this year



From one veteran to another, welcome to ADI!

Hey Drake!

Welcome, and love the elaborate intro. Sounds like you had a great experience WW2 Online. Hope you can find the same experience here in ADI and in Star Citizen!

From one public serviceman to another, welcome and thank you for your service!

Watchout, we’ve got a badass over here!

Har har just kidding! Welcome Drake, and thank you for your service.

Looking forward to seeing you kick some @$$ in the verse!.