Drake Corsair

Looks like a new concept sale on an Exploration ship from Drake Interplanetary. It’s in the store until 4/11.


Link comes up 404

Weird. Come up fine for me. There is a write up in Comm Link on the RSI website as well.

Sadly, I got a 404 as well. I must not be as supportive of CIG as you are.

You know I got the notice from an email for concierge members. Maybe it is gated and others can’t see it yet. If so, it should be out for all later.

Currently concierge only. Should open up to all soon.


Looks like I’m just a big tease, lol

Personally, I’m not very impressed with the ship and the layout. Looks to be very unwieldy with the massive wings and strange weapons layout. The pilot and co-pilot sitting in positions like the Reliant is interesting, but overall my opinion is this is a ship to pass on in lieu of the Constellation.

Corsair is not a very exploration-like name, it should have been a combat ship like the Cutlass.

EDIT: Looking more at it online, I don’t like the funky left wing layout. Two large wings or the familiar Cutlass look would have been better.