I am a great Arma milsim and roleplay fan. I came here to meet people who also would like to dig into roleplay and forget that real life even exists. I am usually very strict about breaking immersion (talking about personal life in game, out of game topics) so asking what CPU do I have in game will make me wonder what ship and what Computer module do you mean.

Mostly interested in Cargo hauling, Exploring with my trusty Carrack and some combat.

I am not yet sure what division I would like to join, I guess while Alpha is on, I get time to decide.

See you in the verse!


When you go through on boarding you pick a primary division. You are allowed to change divisions later.

A fellow Roleplayer! Yay!

People look at me strangely when I mention I like to Roleplay. They always take the wrong area of the spectrum when I mention it… But I was a Arma RP’er too. Some of the best RP was me being a contract Helicopter pilot, typically hired out by local militia to drop their troops off in Cannabis farming camps :smiley:

DragonbornSR, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! If you have an questions about the Verse or ADI, even concerns you might have. Please feel free to PM me here on the Forums or catch me on Mumble.

Again, Welcome Aboard!

Hello Dragonborn,

It’s good to have you with us. That’s cool you’re an ARMA fan. We have a lot of people who play or have played that game. I still play ARMA 3 every once and a while. I’m sure the onboardingd will help you narrow down a division and of course you can always request a transfer if need be. I’m looking forward to seeing you around and having you join us. Best wishes