Dr.Derpling is now Assistant Director of APR!

Dr.Derpling has proven his ability to perform well as a EU Team Lead.

Because of this, it has been decided to promote him to Assistant Director of Asset Protection and Recovery.

[size=150]Congratulate him![/size]

Remember guys, the best way to have yourself climb the ranks, is to help out in other ways. Talk to Zarkloyd about recruiting!

Congrats Derp, you deserve it!

Congrats Derp!


Congratulations, Derpling :slight_smile:

Congrats Derp, since I missed all the promotions!

Well done Derp!


Looks like we’re going to make a new T-shirt for you next time we’re going to gamescom…

  • Congrats!


Congrats Derp!

DERP! YES! Cognrats! Can’t wait to start working with you!

Congrats, Derp!

Derp! Derp!
Congrats! :wink: