Down to do Missions

looing to relax chat and have fun doing missions

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Easiest way to get into the game with some org mates is to either just get on mumble in the SC channels. Often there are other members already on who you can team up with. Another way is to announce in org_chat when you want to play to invite others to join you.

We also run organized larger missions, however these are currently on hold due to issues relating to parties joining the same instance. Hopefully these issues can be fixed when 3.6 comes out.

Yep, truth. There is usually a group of us pulling bounties, taking out bunkers, or doing box runs. The Twitch mission on Area18 can be soloed (by others, not me), but since it is a bunker with multiple hostiles, best to bring a bud. Might make it easier to find the drugs you are supposed to lift too.

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