Does anyone remember the PC game 'STARFLIGHT' ?

Back in the day, I fell in love with the concept of a space adventure game which included hundreds of planets to explore and filled with aliens and unknowns… The game StarFlight was like a gamers dream come true in 1987 .

This is what Star Citizen would have looked like in 1987 :slight_smile:

If our games have progressed so far in 30 years, imaging what gamers will be seeing in 2145!

Put the Black Egg down. Walk away slowly. slowly… Arth thanks you.

Never had the chance to play the PC version, in 87 i was obsessed with Test Drive and Falcon 3.0.

Played and still own the Genesis version. Still have the poster and no doubt the BEST video game manual I’ve ever seen.

OMG, StarFlight, what fond memories!

I was back in collage going after my Robotics degree, and a girl friend & I had just managed to save up enough money to buy a multi-color RBG monitor ( upgrading from our green monochrome screen ) for like the 1st home PC ever made – The Tandy 1000 PC!

I remember the starmap hanging on our home office wall, with all our extra jump points plotted on it, and a legal pad on the desk for all our notes for the game. I remember we would take turns mining all night in shifts so we could sell enough minerals to upgrade the ship. This was indeed the beginning of my love of gaming! If you told me then about the set-up I have today I would never had believed it.

Truly how far we’ve come, and how exciting to see what’s coming in the years ahead ( Star Citizen is a wonderful example ).

Thanks for that blast from the past… great times!