Documentaries about ground combat tactics?

Like the title said are there any good documentaries or other forms of media out there showing tactics like Close Quarters etc.

Thanks in advance,

Aston Martin

You may find some videos, but I would suggest reading US military manuals, such as these.

USMC tactics … actics.pdf … -Squad.pdf

US Army infantry tactics … CH%201.pdf

Keep in mind modern day infantry tactics may not transition well to SC.

Thanks. That’s true but you can draw inspiration from it.

Some of the fundamentals will remain viable, and a lot of the tactics will most likely carry over.

things like Fire and Maneuver, Fire and Movement, Base of fires, Supressive fire, fire support, etc will all be viable in SC.

Also, basic squad make up (Rifleman, Teamlead, Automatic gunner, A-gunner/rifleman) will carry over very well also.

Most of the senior leadership came from an ArmA2/3 group and have a very good setup for teaching basic combat and room clearing in a CQB environment. We’ll fall back on that training and modify it for SC once FPS is released.

Good to know.

I agree both arma 2/3 would be a great tool to use to learn some basic skill set, and with the use of the mission maker you will be able to make some shooting houses that have similar layouts to ships if you wanted.