I was thinking it’s time we put a little variety up on the forums. So here could be where we talk about what we want out of our divisions (Industry & Manufacture, Commerce, Fleet Security… etc). I for one am excited about the $21 million funding goal. Salvage mechanics could really add a more grey hat aspect to the world.

Just a few of my thoughts.


Each division should have jobs and their descriptions already. Or am I misunderstanding your meaning? We do have a salvage mechanic in Asset Protection & Recovery. Reclamation Specialist

They just hit over $20 Million this week.

Now if we are adding multiple roles, until our numbers are at a comfortable number, will members be multi-spec’d?

ie If I am fleet security, will there be the possibility of being spec’d to haulers or salvage?(Space-Trucker and Asset Reclamation respectively)

Of course. You’re not restricted to just fleet security. You can do other stuff as well.

I certainly wouldn’t mind flying escort for a few miners. we should try to develop some kind of “Mission Board” system so players can get on and see what assignments are available, or whats in high demand so we can do double-duty if need be. that…or keep the turrets ready … : (