Discovered a fake facebook account. Victory in my name.

So I defeated a fake facebook account today. Here are the details.
User name Sophia Gonzales poked me.
I check out the profile.
Cute profile pic. Click for more. Wait a minute… these are different girls!
Friend request sent.
(underlined chat is Sophia Gonzales)
All Chat occurred within an hour time span.

thanks for the add! hit me up whenever ur online so we could chat. okay?
You’re welcome. I’m on mobile, and I respond frequently
cool. so whats up?
Another day. Another dollar. Wrapping up work
oh me just chilling where you from?
The mountains
where at?
On the east coast.
what state?
Virginia. And where are you located
cool. im from arkansas but right now im in hawaii for some photooshoots… soo you in va right now?
no. I am in california, i cant be more specific due to my job, working on military aircraft
oh. hows life there?
hot, and busy work, makes time go by faster, which is a good thing
really? i’d like to go there one day. perhaps u can show me around. anyways, have you been in hawaii?
We’ll see. I have. Was there some years ago. Beautiful island group
nice. its all good here, i like the warm weather, love the the beach here, the food is yummy so its awesome. you look cute by the way
Favorite Hawaiian food?
i like there kebabs.
yeah. so what do you do for fun btw?
I like challenges. Last week I discovered a case of a false facebook account. They were using human nature to get, well something, either way. The account in question was shut down. And allegedly all accounts accessed from that I.p. were permanently banned and deleted. I also like to test the limits of computer systems
really? why ? what happened?
Yes fake accounts. Why? I can’t stand phishing. I can’t stand malicious actions. Who can forget liars. What happened? They tried their crap on me.
ohh that sucks…
How do you mean?
i mean it sucks talking to fake accounts. someone has tried talking to me too.
Here’s an interesting fact. One way I took them down was their account photo’s. They used pictures that ‘looked’ similar. one of the key tells? tattoos. Such a great way to trademark something. Also. a great way to permanently identify someone. Dead give-aways are, tattoos on the left arm in one picture, then a picture with tattoos on the other arm, and even completely different, leaving the original tattood arm blank. Piercings, one moment they wear the same style, the next, theres not even a hole there. The nose is also a big giveaway.

User account deleted. (Presumably by the ‘user’ in question)
Profile URL:

Victory is mine.

Detective Lance on the case - I’m proud of you for keeping the internet safe. :slight_smile:

Once, a man from NYC friend requested me on FB, had a chat with him, then his wife added me.
Never meet him or anything, apparently he were a doctor at some hospital there. Kinda wired.