DigitalLight - Intro

Hi, I am DigitalLight. I am getting back into star citzen after a fair amount of time away and looking for a chill time mostly. I generally like to pilot but am open to most roles!

Welcome to ADI!

Once again, welcome to ADI! It was a pleasure meeting you during the onboarding! There’s definitely some fun times ahead with IAE queued up and all the exciting Squadron 42 news. You’re in a great place with infinite opportunities. See you in game or around chats!

Welcome to ADI! I’m certain I’ll see you in the verse in the near future!

Hey @DigitalLight, welcome to ADI! You’ve found a fantastic org, with an excellent group of people! No matter the role you want to play on any given day, I’m sure you’ll find someone willing to jump in with you and if needed, answer any questions you have! Hope to see you in chat and the verse soon!

Yo welcome, I feel you on the pilot thing, thats what I do a lot. If you ever see me on and want to join hit me up. GL out there, Fly High

Welcome back to the verse @DigitalLight :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the warm welcomes though it may be a bit before I can participate. it’s been a while since i was last in the verse and apparently my pc isn’t handling it as well as it used to.

Welcome to ADI, if you have any questions feel free to reach out, a lot has changed over the years but we have a great community that is willing to help out. Hope to see you in the verse!!

Welcome to ADI and Welcome back to SC! If you need anything let me know I’ll be glad to help!

Greetings Digital,

I also just got back into it a few months ago - they have definitely made some improvement! I look forward to flying with you in the future.


Welcome to ADI!

Greetings DIgitalLight,

This the the perfect time to get back into SC. I also like the more chill side of things. I generally run cargo and put on some spotifiy. Welcome to ADI!


Welcome to ADI Digitallight!