Difficulties with Mumble

Hello to any who peer at this post, maybe you recognize me from a while ago when I posted my app and was accepted as far as that stage takes me, but I’ve been having considerable difficulty with getting Mumble installed. Maybe it’s me (it probably is, human error…) or my computer isn’t doing something right, but I was just curious by now and I was wondering… Before I put more effort into getting the program installed, is it possible in any other way to do the mandatory interview? As in over a different program? If not I am okay with that and will resume my efforts to get Mumble installed, but I just wanna know if any other programs will be eligible by your terms for the interview.

Thanks a million for your time and I look forward to my time in ADI!

We do the interview on mumble, because the entire org uses mumble constantly… it’s part of the check process to make sure you can communicate within the org… So yes, mumble is a requirement…

If you go back to the homepage and click on the recruiting help button in the bottom right hand corner, one of our staff members can try and help you solve the issue.

If that doesn’t work, come back and post… and we can setup a time for me to give you a hand via skype or something.