Different way to start Quamtum Travel

So in Star Citizen you have free look mode, in which you can look around and it has no effect on the ship. Well I discovered that if you activate Quantum then free look at the point, activate it using (Your Insert Key or Button here) while in this look mode, and it will start the quantum countdown and start positioning your ship in the right direction, and as soon as it hits 0 and get lined up it will jump. So this will hopfully this will help everyone from speraticly moving thier ship around to find a point to jump, and instead help.

Please note I have tested this 5 times by myself, so I dont know if this only works for me or not but I hope it works and helps all of you guys. :smiley:

Link to the Video showing what I am talking about: youtube.com/watch?v=AIL3_5Y … e=youtu.be

Edit: Added the link

Nice! I think this will help with larger ships.

Very nice work. I always felt ridiculous pivoting my ship around finding my jump location.

Rock on; thanks for sharing!

Yes, I too can confirm this works. I’ve been doing this since 2.3

It works in all locations in 2.5, unless obstructed.

Awesome find TheLostProphet! I too find myself feeling a bit like how Acheronn described with feeling ridiculous moving around searching for the jump point, and agree with CmdrTaggart in regards to larger ships being able to stay their course without really having to move unless the jump point is aft of them. I’m sure many of the members will find this very useful…nice job once again!