Demodamas, hello everyone!

Hey folks, Demodamas, prospective member here.

I’ve been out of the gaming scene for quite a long while, but grew up playing X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I’ve been playing Star Citizen for just a couple weeks now, and am looking forward to being part of something larger with a cool group of people. This game has captured my imagination like no other game ever has; it’s literally all I’ve ever dreamed of.

IRL I’m a student, and teach/guide whitewater kayaking. I’ve worked EMS before, and been a professional brewer as well.

In game I want to focus on salvage and exploration, and have a couple ships dedicated to that focus.

I’ve always been impressed with the ADI members I’ve encountered in game and online. You folks seem like you’re looking to have good, organized fun, without taking anything too seriously, and yeah, that really appeals to me.

Hello Demodamas! From your post you sound like a great fit for ADI. I played a whole lot of X wing and Tie Fighter back in the day, great games! Definitely join us on mumble when you get a chance!

I’ll hop on Mumble ASAP, I’m currently traveling for the holidays and have spotty internet. FaLaLaLaLa!

Welcome Demodamas!

Happy Holidays, and thank you for your interest in ADI! We’re very happy to make your acquaintance! You’re definitely in good company with feeling the same as many of us with SC capturing us and pulling us towards the long developmental road! :laughing: We appreciate the comment highlighting our members you’ve encountered…that’s something we work hard on, and we love to bring more members and prospects on board such as yourself who can strengthen that outlook. With that being said, please be sure to hop on our Mumble server in order to conduct your on-boarding when you have time.

If all goes well, be sure to continue to hop on Mumble in order to help familiarize yourself with the many members we have. This will help you get to know a lot of our members who are highly active ATM.

Hope to see you with an ADI tag! Let us know if you have any other questions.


Heya demo. Looking forward to meeting you once your onboarding is completed.

Make sure you hop on mumble to get that all squared away!

Welcome Demodamas!!! Happy to have you with us, hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Demodamas. Looking forward to seeing you in game

Hey there Demodamas - welcome to the ADI community!
I can assure you, you are not alone in this community when it comes to this being a game we dreamed of.

It looks like everyone already touched on the issue of onboarding, so I’ll just post two quick things here:

I always like to make it clear that if you have any questions while you are here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask one of us - we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.

Lastly - I just like to point out that ADI is working on branching out into other games while we patiently wait for SC to release (Soon TM as they say). Currently we have plans to support CoD:IW, we have a number of players in Ark Survival Evolved, and plan on supporting a survival space sim called Hellion when it releases (soon TM). Feel free to help our community expand into more new games.

Welcome again and I look forward to getting some game time in with you.

Hey Demodamas,

Welcome to the forums! Looks like everyone else has chimed in on the next steps. I’ve been there trying to balance time in the classroom (and at work) with ADI and Star Citizen. Good news is, real life always comes first here.

Soon enough your mining and salvage mechanics will be introduced (Patch 3.1 or 3.2 if memory serves). Hope you still join us for flight night and in the 'verse until that point.

Looking forward to having you around!

Hey Demodamas! Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Chatted with a recruiter on Mumble earlier today… as soon as I’m back post-holidays (and have my gaming rig instead of just a laptop) I’ll finish up the onboarding process.

I’m excited!

Looking forward to having a fellow WW Kayaker and Emt on the team, hope you have a great holiday!

Nice to meet you! Hop on mumble sometime and say hi!