Defford Link World Record! Celebration!

Posting this so those of you who don’t use reddit can see >
This is my latest record and until they make more race tracks or someone breaks one of my records this will be my last record. Hope you guys enjoy!

Awesome Z! That’s some super on-point flying.

Look forward to racing with you in the coming weeks/months/years!

Fantastic. :slight_smile:

Keep killing it. Amazing to watch.

Awesome flying Z! Well done.


Grats! I wish I had more to contribute, but you’re accomplishment speaks for its self!

Awesome flying mate!

That was amazing! You make it look so easy.

That is some insane flying Z

Fantastic! Great video!

Way to represent! Keep kicking butt guys!

Proud to be in the same ORG with you sir! Rock on Z7!

I better get back to practicing :stuck_out_tongue:

Get fitted for that Flight Suit bro…You’re taking some serious Gs to the point of near Black Out! Sick flying!

That was incredible, Z!
Do you have any tips for novices? For example, do you use burst to improve your turns? You said you use a mouse, any particular configuration? I mean, you use it like a scalpel…
Anyway, any tips will be welcomed!