Deejayus here, I’m hoping to join your organisation!
I’m new to playing SC but not so new to following it, I’ve got big aspirations and bigger hopes for this game! 3.0 Hype has whats brought me out the wood work, If I’m going to play I’m going to do it right. ADI was probably the third Org I clicked on over at the RSI website, after reading, your charter, history and manifesto I didn’t need to look any further.

Here’s to hoping I join the crew. Thanks for reading.

Hi Deejayus!

You’ve made the best choice! A lot of woodwork folks showing up with 3.0 hype around the corner, as to be expected. I was the same way for 2.5 or 2.6 and finally bit the bullet and pledged and here I am! What division interested you most? I’m thinking I’ll be pretty casual in Star Citizen so I went the E&S route originally (not saying that’s all casual mind you…). I’m just terrible at not being intense when gaming :mrgreen:

Hope to see you in game!

Hi Notuh!

I’ve already been surprised by what I’ve been shown by Dixon!
It’s surpassed my expectations already and I’ve not even got involved in the action. It’s going to be fun here, I can tell.

I’m not sure what kind of player I’ll be yet, probably more on the casual side too but I’ll still want to be a good pilot and kick-ass troop.
I’m part of the E&S too!!! :smiley: I’m not 100% sure if it’ll stick to the end but it’s certainly my first choice for now! We will no doubt be on some missions together then!

Welcome to the community Deejayus - its great to see your excitement for being here.

One of the great things about ADI is casual or hardcore - everyone has a place here.
Since you are in E&S - be sure to get to know the staff for that division - theyre good people and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Other than that - welcome again and I hope to game with you soon.

Hello Deejayus! Welcome to ADI! I came to ADI in a similar fashion as you did and have been very happy ever since! I am sure you will enjoy your time here with us and I look forward to flying with you. See you around the 'verse!

Welcome Deejayus,

Glad to have you with us. I can relate to your aspirations for 3.0, and the game in general. It seems almost surreal, what they’re trying to do. You could say it’s like a childhood dream come true :slight_smile:. Looking forward to seeing you around to get to know you more. Best wishes to you

Thanks for the kind wishes folks! Can’t wait!

Welcome Deejayus,

From what I can tell, you’re going to fit right in here. Glad to have you aboard!


Welcome to you, Deejayus

SC is for me the game I always wanted to play, since I m young. I hope this will full fill my expectations, at least mostly of them. However, it depends mostly on the team mates we play with and I m sure, beeing in ADI, I will enjoy my time in that great game.
So please check for our upcoming events, best opportunity to meet other org mates and know eachother.
Discord and mumble are the essentials tools in ADI.

See you around there and the verse.

Welcome DeeJ

Nice to hear the ADI RSI recruitment page still has great conviction!
Great to have you aboard sir! See you soon in the verse!!