Dedicated Fighter Ships

Hey guys,

Having not been involved in the SC scene for very long, I’m only aware of the current ships that have been designed. With that, has there been any official word in the past of more dog fighting ships to be designed in the future (before release)? Also, with reference to the Super Hornet, would this ever be likely to come on sale?

I’m going to be investing into a Ghost or a Tracker in the near future as I like their concepts, but I wouldn’t choose them as one of my primary fighters.

Thanks for any feedback!

i’m sure the super will come back again it was just on sale about month ago i personally have a ghost and i love it

With the new perspective on LTI availability (Reliant sale) I think about getting SH as well, to be my primary work horse when it comes to bigger ops. I am still thinking about Gladiator as an alternative but SH seems to be a bit better in energy/shields stats. I assume SH got better armor either. Also SH is more of the fighter counter when Gladiator has got an edge against gun-ship and bigger sizes so I am in the pickle here. Neither can do interception well but that might depend on how will the cruising flight mode work and if all ships will have the same speed when in cruising mode. But that is more specialized role, for general fighter SH might be just the best choice.

Yo I’m think about getting a tracker as well. But I really want a vanguard or super hornet