Death by Fedex

Went on a delivery mission yesterday. Picked up three packages fine, but the second I tried to drop off my first package I suddenly died. Over half an hour down the tubes I thought. Until I relized I saw a beacon for my corpse and my Freelancer which hadn’t dispawned. That was a nice new development.

Went to get another of my spacecraft since I didn’t want to mess with my Freelancer which probably wouldn’t have the two other packages in the back if I claimed it. Claimed a fighter but I was in too much of a rush and relized my prospector was available. Ran out to that and quickly ran back because I was in space in a hospital gown. Not sure how I feel about that. Then tried to get into my prospector but couldn’t so by this time my fighter was ready. Flew to my Freelancer which was still on the pad, found my body and the package I was carrying right next to the dropoff, make sure there were no health issues, tried to drop the package off again over my cold dead corpse and… two dead corpses. Corpsi? Went to bed at this point.

Is someome setting up a booby trap at the drop offs or is this some strange glitch? I didn’t see any blades swing out, beheading me.

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The only trap is laser trip mines, so if you didn’t see any explosions, it was probably a SC feature (bug).

It’s a bug. The work around is to crouch then approach the drop off point really slowly with your curser pointing toward the drop off. You must place the box at the earliest opportunity so that you’re as far as possible away from the machine.

Good luck!

Some packages belong in a museum!

Sigh. Killer machines. How common is this? Thanks for confirming it’s a bug.

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I’ve watch a lot of you tube videos and I’ve seen it crop up three times over the last 4 days. It’s common enough for the people on the videos to approach every machine like this.

So you spend all the time gathering the packages, and have to worry about the messenger getting shot at the end?:slight_smile: I think there is a saying about that. Anyway, I think it’s time to bone up on my mining now that I have a prospector.

Is this a new bug or one that’s been around for multiple releases?

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I’ve no idea. I’ve not done box delivery for a long time and o Lu recently started to hear about it.