dealing with negative nancies

so I’m prob not the only one who knows people who are saying that star citizen will fail and saying that Chris will run with the money blablabla.
so how do you guys deal with this people because doesn’t matter what i say it always come down to well you only have the hanger module theirs i nothing else to prove it will successful

A tread on both forums, this is bothering you.

Just let time go, dont get carried away by speculations based on nonexisting knowledge.

Not everyone see it like we do. The thing is, all one needs to do is spend an hour or two on the Star Citizen and see the REAL work that has been going in to this game. There is no way Chris could just run with the money, and based on what they have accomplished so far out from release date, it is obvious that it will be amazing once it is released. I would encourage them to spend some time looking at the videos and posts of the REAL work ALREADY completed.

If they aren’t willing to learn more and are just going on rumor and speculation, just wait until it is released and follow up with them with a simple “told you so!”