DCS Mission Builder

Hello everyone!

I was sitting back thinking about flying today, when it dawned on me that I wanted to fly missions with my fellow members who have DCS. The only problems I have with DCS multiplayer at this time was that there is a lack of decently configured servers and a lack of fun missions. The missions are fairly easy to create, but if I am the only who is going to be flying them, then I don’t see much use in devoting a lot of time to them since I do prefer playing with others more than with AI. So please place a vote below of your opinion on the matter. Whether you do not have DCS, DCS world only, or all the DCS modules your vote matters so please let me know what you think.

If the poll leans for a yes, then I would like to sometimes soon, possibly at the next org meetup, to hear what kinds of scenarios you all want to fly in.

NOTE: I am not too familiar with the Blackshark but I can try to add it and some objectives for it to missions if requested.

There’s no option for all but the P51. :slight_smile:



Cool :slight_smile:

I’m very sad I can’t vote for the F15 + A10 + Potato… Makes me sad…