DarkShift standing-by!

Hi all,

I’m DarkShift, I’ve played SC a good amount, I’m going to be an Explorer initially, then transitioning into a more combat-related role as the game goes on.

I play a lot of Rocket League and League of Legends at the moment, with lots of games under my belt I’m buzzed for the full release of Star Citizen".

My end goal is to have a fully-functional Redeemer for engaging enemy capital ships with marines to infiltrate.

Hi DarkShift!

Welcome to the ADI forums. We’re glad to have you here. If you haven’t already, please hop onto our Mumble server so we can get your on boarding completed. A staff member should be available to help you. They’re denoted on the Mumble servers with the designations {SD], {D}, {AD} or {TL}.

We’re patiently waiting the release of the game, as I’m sure you are. In the meantime we have plenty of activities going on such as Friday Night Flight nights in the PU. I’m sure there will be more as certain functions release in the Alpha.

We also have a few other games we currently support like Ark Survival and Helion.

I hope to see you around on Mumble!

Hey DarkShift,

Thank you for your interest in ADI as well as Star Citizen! Like DHawk mentioned, be sure to hope in Mumble so we can help get your on boarding conducted. Once we help get you situated, be sure to take some time getting settled in and be sure to continue to hop into Mumble in order to better familiarize yourself with a few of our many members and also some of the other games we’re supporting. I’m sure my friend Infandus will post more info about the games that ADI is currently supporting, while we wait for SC to move a little further along developmental wise, so I won’t steal his thunder :laughing:

Let us know if your run into any issues or have any questions. We look forward to seeing you with a member tag!


Heya Darkshift. Welcome to ADI!

Hurry up and get onboarded so you can play with us :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there Darkshift - welcome to the ADI community!

It looks like everyone else already covered my usual talking points, so point out two quick items:

I always like to make it clear that if you have any questions while you are here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask a staff member - we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.

Lastly - I just like to point out that ADI is working on branching out into other games while we patiently wait for SC to release (Soon TM as they say). Currently we have plans to support CoD:IW, we have a number of players in Ark Survival Evolved, and plan on supporting a survival space sim called Hellion when it releases (soon TM). Feel free to help our community expand into more new games.

Welcome again and I look forward to getting some game time in with you.