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Retired Military/Network Engineer/Prison Guard…just to name a few. If you remember text based Adventure on a Cray Supercomputer, we’re probably close in age. We’ve come a long way. Honestly, I’ve been watching the development of this game off and on for the past several years. In the interim tried two others; NMS and ED. Both have serious issues that don’t look to be rectified anytime soon, but had to fill the time until this little gem developed (got burned on the Firefly Online travesty…yes, space cows are a thing!). So why now. Two reasons. The first seems the most important but without the second…well you’ll understand. The game itself. How far and what it has and is becoming. I see my long ago teenage dreams coming true before my eyes and I am amazed. But without knowledge of all that has transpired…and that knowledge came from Morphologis (I so wanna call him Morph but he in no way reminds me of a certain animated character :smile: ) and his videos. Everything, everything I wanted to know about this games status and play and…the list goes on…was answered by his incredible videos. So a huge shoutout to him, because he’s also why I’m applying here as my first and only choice.
So down to business. I do not have mumble yet, but I will. Live in the country, in Canada, my internet provider sucks. I will be looking into this forthwith. Ships…like my sig…there is no half ass. So first I got the Nomad Package and then got a Roc with paintjobs and armor for them and myself. Yeah, always been a both feet kinda guy…so my C2 isn’t available to purchase and might never be for all I know, I got a Freelancer Max with a Roc DS and blah blah blah…and then I saw the Cutlass Red…somebody stop me! Lol. So those are the 3 ships and 2 vehicles I currently have. To clarify what my preferred playstyles will be…Cargo, Medical and to a lesser degree mining.
Now if only the game would finish downloading…

(Sorry for being so long winded, but no Max Character warning popped up…and I am long winded :smile: )

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Welcome to ADI and thank you for your service Dagger26. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you. And from one wordy old fellow to another; welcome home.

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Welcome to ADI!

We’re glad to have you here, and hope we can fly together in the verse soon!

Welcome to ADI! Cray Supercomputer, as in Zork? :slight_smile:

Hey Dagger26! Heh… dunno if Starlink is running its beta in Canada, but that might be an option. As for the C2, should be available October/November again. If you wanna fly that or an M2, hit me up in Mumble and I’d be glad to loan you either for a test drive. Sounds like you’re off to a good start, though… all three of those ships can carry a ROC, so you’re all set to make some money. :3

Hi Dagger26 and welcome to the Org,

Very interesting to hear cargo and Medical play, your services will certainly not go a miss Sir! :slight_smile:

Yeah with regards to ISP and hardware I myself have got a pc that is nearing it’s 7th birthday, so yeah with the development going on Ill be saving for a new pc just for Star Citizen to make sure it’s ready for launch day.

Anyways, Welcome to ADI and if you have some free time hop on mumble, and get to know us :slight_smile:

welcome to adi ! see you in the verse

This has to be one of the best intro’s I’ve read. You’re going to fit right in. Welcome to ADI!

Pre Zork…gawd I’m old…lol

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Welcome Dagger26, lots of us retired mil around here (I’m USAF), and old enough to have owned an original Tandy 1000 (ser # ~1500). Played a lot of Empire and other DOS games. I’ll see you in the 'verse.

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Hey Dagger! Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI Dagger26,
I am sure that you will fit right in as we have a good mix of members :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Dagger!

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