Howdy everybody,

First off, I would like to announce myself. I am the ex-director of Cyber Warriors Online, we are a group with a background in ArmA and military simulation. We enjoy the responsibility of roles rather than rankings. We have merged our group today with ADI - 5/28/2014 and have merged over about 10 or more members. It has been a great run for CWO. But we found the interest in the profitability of joining a larger group to play larger missions and co-ops with. I personally am enjoying the fact that we do not have to worry about servers and maintenance. So hello everybody if any questions arise let me know.

Welcome onboard! There’s plenty of room here!

Welcome to ADI. Sounds like your group will be an excellent fit!

Of course, we have some talented gamers. With strong minds as well, I hope we present benefits as ADI has presented us.

I am happy to have you guys on board and I am happy to see things working, but there is more to do. FYI, I am installing ARMA II

We’re happy to have all you guys here with us and I am thoroughly enjoying your guys’ company

Welcome aboard! Glad to see more for the grinder. :wink:

Appreciate the warm welcoming guys! We were a group that was moving forward on little to nothing. Our website was hosted for free, our TS was free up until a point - We had to scrape our cash together to get a server online. But now - With the equipment that ADI provides and our forward motion. I believe that this is a combination that was necessary.