Curious about the Mass Ops on the calendar


I’m curious about what generally goes on during our mass ops. That is to say; I’m interested in joining up with one, but I’m also a night-shift worker and the scheduled op will happen right in the middle of the time I’m usually asleep. So, I’m curious what I can expect to find if I get myself up early to join in.

Is it a loose in-game hangout or do we have established goals we try to meet?

Do folks log in early and meet up sharply at the established time to get started, or is the time just a suggestion for when folks start filtering in?

About how long does an op usually run for?

Is there a particular ship type I should aim to bring? Or should I expect to crew up a larger ship?

I really love organized ops and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in space. o7



When you get a chance hop on Mumble to be onboarded. Shortly after you will recieve access to the forum channels that detail our Ops.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks.

I’ll see what I can do about getting on with everyone on mumble during the week, but between the holiday and my schedule this week, it’ll probably happen either Friday or Saturday upcoming.

See you then.