Crusader Black Screen anyone?


So yeah. i got stuck in my cockpit earlier and ended start citizen with the task manager. now when I try to load into the game again it’s just a black screen with music playing. My personal hanger will let me load in but not the actual universe. anyone ever had this problem before?


I had something similar to this in 2.6. This has happened for three different reasons. The first was that my graphics card wasn’t that great. It helped to get a new one for faster load times and such. The second reason, which is more likely your situation, there was a corrupted file after the client crashed, so I reverified my files in the settings. At one point I actually did a fresh install because even the reverify files didn’t fix it. I hope that helps


I have the black screen as well , i noticed mine works if i hit the Power button on my keyboard and after the monitor turns off (2 seconds) i hit the WakeUp button and immediately it takes to load a server but it wont exit the game after that you must restart or hold down the power button (not recommended)
Thats one way, i got it work, hope it helps you get logged in


@Affili: In general, if you are having issues at loading screens or otherwise in the game, opening the console can be very illuminating as to any in game causes or progress being made to finish loading/unlock. I found it very useful in 2.6 when we were all having the sometime, but not always, infinite black screens. To open the console press the ~ key. This should always open the console in a situation where the computer is still processing with the game in a healthy way, it might not always be immediate, but within a short period of time it should come up. Note that if you ever copy and paste console output into the forums or other communications mediums, your StarCitizen login name can appear in the output from the console, be sure you are not putting that sort of information out there.

@greaserjoe13: I think you have a different problem from what the original poster is talking about. Aside from that, it doesnt look like you used your StarCitizen handle as your forum ID, are you a member of ADI, or just interested in what we are doing? If you want to chat with our team about the organization, or if you already are a member and your names just are not lining up right, the best thing to do is hop onto our Mumble ( … tup-mumble) and talk to a staff member, we have people around all the time.