Critical Beacons and Magical pilots

Running ERTs and Low end Beacons until we finally got a Critical.
Shepherd, Spacefiddle and Brklyn expertly piloting ships and OGsam, Tidurian and Jonrec on turrets, we engaged our Critical Beacon.

Everything was going well, except for a few small handicaps: Spacefiddle did not have time to rearm his balistics before we engaged, and several kamakazi enemies left Shepherd with a semi-crippled ship.
Leaning on Brklyn (aka Crazy) and Spacefiddle, Shepherd was able to re-learn flying and get THIS ship back in the fight.

With the 3 ship turrets now engaged, we were able to make up for the deficiencies and bring down the Idris before we lost any of our ships.
Our magician pilot Shepherd then got us safely home before dying on the pad… for… reasons.

Awesome night for flying in the 'verse.


I can pilot a crippled boat through combat and landing, yet I couldn’t pull off the no-hat trick.

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