Crimestat Removal

Hey folks, I received a crime stat level 1 because my friend was driving and crashed my ship into someone by accident. I have recently tried everything to get rid of it( karesh station, suicide by cops, getting shot by police on my ship) yet I still have my crime stat. It’s nearly impossible to go to the station because there is always someone there to prevent me from clearing my name. Any advice/ suggestions?

Suicide by security in the game can be hit-n-miss currently. It might depend on which security kill you. Did you try the Hurston system? Do you know in which system you got the stat? Also there are security outposts in the Hurston system if that don’t work. I believe those are always guarded, so best to bring firepower and if possible friends, as the NPCs tend to rush you these days.

Your best/quickest bet is to hop on the ADI Mumble server and see who else is ingame at the time. Someone will usually help you out.

i have attempted to go to a security outpost in Hurston and let them shoot at me on the ground. It didnt work at all. i will go join mumble. i have to ask my friend to where i got my crime stat from.

Ah, you meant security at the outpost itself. Yeah, I think that is by design so people don’t just go there not complete the hack but still get cleared.

I was referring to security patrols that interdict you in space. Get interdicted and just drop your shields, die, and you’ll spawn without a stat. In the future, probably 3.9, you’ll wake up on your way to the prison on Aberbeen.

Thank you very much, being interdicted by police and getting killed by them removed my crime stats. So it worked.XD

Land at one of the Hurston gates and head inside. The Hurston guards will shoot you and remove your crimestat. You can’t land at the gate itself, but 800 to 1000 meters outside. The gates have flashing white lights on towers. If you’re in Mumble ask if someone can transport you. Good luck!

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