Crazy liftoffs

I’ve had an issue with lifting off for probably years at this point. When I strafe up from a landing pad , instead of going straight up all time time I often tilt to the side and on a few ocations completely flip. It’s like a landing pad is stick to the platform. This is usually in my Freelancer which I use the most and it also happens when I use the space button to go up so it’s not a joystick thing. Does anyone else have this problem?

Actually I might of answered my own question watching the latest episode of hanger ready. Is it a proximity assist issue? Thinking about it more, I think it’s a issue more when I’m on a open pad instead of a boxy bay. Can PA affect different parts of my ships differently, causing the “sticking” landing gear effect I was talking about. I’ll have to make sure to turn it off next time I’m on to see.

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In my experience this can be do to the game loosing axis inputs, at least the flip over part. This can be a SC or Windows issue and I made a video to help. Star Citizen Joystick Setup 3.15 - Secrets Revealed - YouTube

Proximity Assist is covered here


Proxy assist is pure EVIL!!

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Make it a habit to move your joystick(s) / paddles / strafing buttons (except for strafe up :wink: ) before lift-off. This will help alleviate that problem a lot.

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Yeah, I do all that before I turn on my engines. And while I turned off assist, I think I still noticed it some yesterday. Definatelly noticed the stickage to the pad going away afterwards though. Definately prefer it off.

Freelancer has tons of boost (like toooooooooooons), which can motivate it upwards quite quickly in a pinch. Sounds like proximity assist ‘helping’ out though.