Control Settings Backup and Restore


With the constant patches of SC, it is easy to lose one’s control setup. It is convenient, then, to back it up every time one change’s it.

Procedure: from the menu, select:

  • Options
  • Keybindings
  • Advanced Control Customization
  • Control Profiles


At the top of the list is the option to save one’s control profiles. Once saved and named, the setup appears in the list. Here, for example, mine is named HOSAM. One can then select that file to restore the settings for each controller. Since I have button assignments and/or sensitivity curves for every controller, I always restore them all.

Then, to make sure the file isn’t deleted when I remove my USER folder, I copy it to my desktop every time I change it.

[attachment=1]Screenshot (8).jpg[/attachment]

Whenever I’ve deleted the USER folder, I make sure to copy it back after starting the new patch replaces that folder. Then I can restore it from the Control Profiles list.


Thank you sir!


Edit Suggestion : Instead of copying the XMLs to your desktop.
You can copy them to the Parent Folder (one level above).
This will ensure you have handy access to those file between patches. They’re less likely to become buried, on a busy desktop.


Great tip Moto. Thanks!


I normally rename the USER folder rather than delete it. Has the same effect. Doing this as a habit I’m less likely to accidentally delete something like that between patch.