Continued Absence


I’m terribly sorry for my continued absence from meetings and other activities. This semester’s load, professional obligations and family issues (plus my fried power supply) has left me little to no time for StarCitizen. I’m nearing the end of the tunnel on school at least, but I wanted to be forthright with all of you about what’s going on.

I’m looking at getting all the hardware put together over the next few months to upgrade and then, hopefully, time will begin to permit me to return. Until then, I will check back on chat (if I’m still allowed) and here on the forums. I appreciate all the feedback on my technical questions and I’m taking that advice to heart as I look through components.

Thanks for your continued Patience with me.


No worries mate. Real life items always take precedence.

On a lighter note-- I just ordered the components for the new PC. So that obstacle should be removed soon!

New computer components! It’s like sunshine! Go ahead and say it out loud people! You can’t say it with out smiling!


Copy on what Nailstorm said man, be happy, return soon!