Considering trying to run a PnP RPG in a sci-fi setting

Hi folks,

I’ve decided that if we can get a few people interested I would try and run a pen and paper Sci-Fi themed RPG game.

Before I say too much more about my ideas, I’ll state that it’ll not be in the SC universe, nor will it involve ADI in any way.

If you’ve ever played a pen and paper roleplaying game and would be interested in a sci-fi one then I’d be happy to organise and run one. If you’ve never played a pen and paper game before, but you’re even remotely intrigued then you should join in too. If you’ve ever played an RPG video game you’re most of the way to being able to do it.

I’m looking at using a ruleset that’s in fairly late playtesting stages (akin to beta testing) just now called N.E.W. which I backed on Kickstarter about a year ago.

If you’re interested I’d probably look at running sessions on a Saturday early Afternoon CST (evening GMT) and sessions would probably look to run for 2-3 hours. I’d be looking to use for maps and moving characters about, etc and also Realm Works for tracking the world. Realm Works is not free, but if we get 3-5 players to join in the license would only be between $5 and $10. Any documentation, such as rules and character sheets, can be provided by myself.

If we can get people interested I’d look at trying to get everything up and running by the 2nd weekend in March. Let me know what you think and we can get things organised from there.

I’m definitely interested but I never have tried it but always wanted to. If I’ve never played so im asking how could I prepare myself for this game? Any instructions or guides about principles?

I’m interested. Let me know if you decide to go forward with it. It’ll give me something to do on Saturdays while I’m at work, heh heh.

I’m interesred, I saw new on kickstarter, but I didn’t back it because I had already spent my kickstarter budget, but am very interested in playing. I’ve played many PNP rpgs, it’s just been a few years, family man now and all.

like i said in the chat I’m totally up for this =D

Ok, it’s definitely happening. Spent the last few days that I’ve been off work starting to set up the first couple of sessions material.

I’ll look into getting some player editions of Realm Works sorted out for folks. Sadly I won’t be able to eat the costs myself and just give the licenses away, so once I get an order in for as many player editions as we need I’ll get some money from you guys in exchange for keys.

That sound OK?

I would also be interested. Please let me know where I can get the rule-book, etc. so I can familiarize myself with this game before it starts. Thank you.

That’s a great idea… Sorry about that.

Right here are a list of useful links:
What’s old is new Starter Kit This document talks about OLD, NOW and NEW, but gives a good overview of the whole thing.
N.E.W. Character Creation Use this for creating characters.
Players Guide for Module I’m using to kick off the campaign (Not decided how much of this will be relevant yet, but should give us a good start)
Link to Roll20 Campaign that interested people can sign up to.

I would totally be down… but it depends on the “sci-fi” setting in which it’s in. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment I’m aiming at a roughly start trek like setting. Hardish science if that helps.

Hardish? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there won’t be space wizards using laser swords. I’m thinking that there will be a few made up bits, like there will be faster than light travel and Shields.

There will be psychic types, but they won’t be unstoppable things like the Jedi. Not science fantasy, but not all hard science like in James S A Corey’s Leviathan Wakes, maybe more like Peter F Hamilton’s Pandora Star if that’s any help.

Well, faster than light travel is not really made up any more thanks to the Alcubierre drive. Shields can easily be explained, just depends on the science.

As for Psychic, I think you mostly mean psionics which might be easily explainable as dark matter (like Mass Effect). We know Dark Matter exists. We just don’t know what it’s capable of really other than a massive amount of energy.

Yea, I meant Psionics, just had a moment where I couldn’t find the word.

In that case, it’s a hard sci-fi setting it’ll all be taking place in.